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Interesting facts about being Left Handed


Because the home plate laid to the west on the baseball diamond, left-handed pitchers faced south before they pitched the ball. Hence the development of the term “Southpaw”.

More words are typed with only the left hand

On a standard Qwerty keyboard there are 187 English words that can be typed solely with the right hand. However, there are 1447 words that are typed with the left hand. The longest word that can be typed with only the left hand is “stewardesses”.

Left handed people are able to adjust to seeing underwater quicker

Studies show that because left-handers are forced to use strengthen both sides of their brain on a daily basis, they are quicker to adapt to new situations.

About 40% of the top tennis players are left handed

Left hand tennis players who hit a forehand cross court will have an advantage by making the right-hander have to hit with their backhand. A backhand can be less accurate than a forehand strike giving the left-hander an advantage.

Left-handers also practice against a lot more right handed people (since their are many more right handers than left handers), so they are accustomed to how right-handers play. Right-handers, on the other hand, don’t practice much with left-handers, so it can be difficult to stay focused and not let their emotions get in the way when learning to adjust with how left-handers play.

Four of the last seven Presidents have been Left Handed

President Obama, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and Gerald Ford are left-handed.
Left-handers have a greater ability of thought due to having to actively exercise a different part of the brain constantly in order to operate in this right-handed world. Due to that broader ability of thought, they are easily able to engage in complicated situations and intense thought.

There are very few left-handers in China

Until very recently in Taiwan and Mainland China, left-handed people were strongly encouraged to switch to being right-handed. Parents and teachers would work together to make children who were naturally left-handed change their handedness.

Chinese schools are very strict in their curriculums, and it’s difficult to write Chinese characters with the left-hand, so they try to change left-handed children to become right-handed so that they can teach everyone the same Chinese characters with the same hand.

Fear of the Left

Sinistrophobia is a fear of left handed people or being frightened of left handed objects or things on the left side. Sinistrophobia is most likely caused by a very negative experience from one’s past. Symptoms include anxiety, panic attacks, tingling sensations, shaking, dizziness and feeling faint, claustrophobia, chest discomfort, and hot or cold flashes.

Left-Handers Drink More

A survey conducted by Kevin Denny shows that while lefties aren’t more prone to alcoholism, on average they drink more often than their right handed counterparts. Not only do they drink more often, they drink in greater quantities than right-handers.

Left-Handed Animals

There are some marsupials that are naturally left-handed.
Kangaroos prefer to use their left hand exclusively for everyday tasks such as picking leaves, grooming themselves, or bending branches from trees. Red-necked wallabies use their left hand for tasks that require fine manipulation such as eating.

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