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The Struggles of Being Left Handed

Left-Handers Are Often Left Out of Studies

Because researchers who study how the brain works want accurate results that reflect the majority of the population, including lefties in their studies can throw off the results. When studies are conducted about a new breakthrough in realizing how the brain functions, it’s likely a study that may not apply to the 10% of the people who are left-handed.

Left Handers Can Get Angrier

Left handers can be quicker to anger than right-handers. Studies show that left-handers have an imbalance when processing emotions with their right and left hemispheres of their brain. The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease published a study that left-handers can easily have more negative emotions. In addition to negative emotions, they have a much harder time processing feelings.

Writing with the Left-Hand

Every left-hander is faced with this common issue. The majority of spiral notebooks make it difficult to write with the left hand lying flat on the page. Left-handers have to hold the pen in an awkward position to avoid the spiral on the notebook. Additionally, writing with a pen is equally as challenging. The left hand and arm gets covered in ink because the left hand naturally travels over the ink after you write. We have some recommendations for left-handed notebooks and pens as well as left-handed office supplies specifically created for left-handers.

Left Handers Can Be More Fearful Than Right Handers

The British Psychological Society conducted a study where participants watched a frightening clip from Silence of the Lambs. After viewing the eight-minute clip, the participants were asked to recall events from the segment. Left-handers were much likely to express signs of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) than right handers. Head researcher Carolyn Choudhary, PhD said, “It seems that after experiencing a fearful event, even on film, people who are left-handed had subtle behaviors that were like people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.”

Left-Handers Can be Easily Embarrassed

The Abertay University in Scotland conducted a study where Scientists gave 46 left-handers and 66 right-handers tests to measure personal restraint and impulsiveness. The left-handers agreed with certain statements such as, “I am worried about making mistakes” and “Scolding and Criticism hurts me quite a bit.” The study concluded that lefties tend to feel more shy, embarrassed, and inhibited than their right-handed peers.


The typical American culture considers it ignorant and rude to shake hands with the left-hand. In some parts of Asia and the Middle East, shaking hands with the left-hand can be considered to be offensive. Left-handers are naturally inclined to hold out their dominant left hand to shake hands, however, offering your left hand can imply a lack of basic social skills. Unless the left-hand is impaired, the expectation is to shake hands with the right hand.

Downside In Being A Left Handed Surgeon

Instruments are globally manufactured for right-handed surgeons. Customized left handed instruments are available, but are more rare and also expensive. By the time left-handed instruments have been customized and shipped, the left-handed surgeon will have already adapted at using right-handed equipment.

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